Entry #2

New stuf

2017-02-17 21:37:36 by zhbrzgx

Yo, I'm back, after about half a year of inactivity, lots of new info to share!

First off, I've got a game in the making! It's not nearly finished, but here's the basic info:

  • ​It's being made in PICO-8, an NES-like fantasy console.
  • It's a grappling based platformer, not unlike Nitrome's Frostbite.
  • I update it weekly on the PICO-8 forums (It won't come to NG until I have playtesters and a somewhat stable build), I also post gameplay on Twitter.

I'm also probably not gonna produce music anymore, or at least not as much. Mostly because I don't have any inspiration, but I also don't know anything about music theory... and I'm using Garageband, which is crappy (although pretty good for freeware). I'll probably be leaning more towards gamedev and pixel art this year (I changed my profile pic).

Anyways, hope you'll hear more from me soon enough!






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